Welcome to CosmoNetwork Server Store
We are a gaming network devoted to giving you high quality unique minecraft servers that you've never seen before! We promise to keep purchase costs low and staff presence high. You can purchase with the peace of mind knowing that we pride ourselfs on making the players happy and providing a friendly server network  for you all to enjoy!
Accepted payment methods
We currently accept Paypal as the only method of payment. If you wish to use PaySafeCards you are going to need to contact a High-Ranked member of staff to let us know you wish to use them. Keep in mind that when you use PaySafeCards that you have to pay the exchange fees to transfer to Paypal money. In the future we will be accepting a wide array of payment methods, we will keep you all posted.
What do I do if I haven't received my purchase?
Our store setup should credit purchases to your in game account within 30 minutes. You must be ONLINE to receive your purchase. Please keep your account logged in when waiting for a purchase. If it does not please wait for up to 2 hours before making a thread explaining your situation here Here. If you have still not received your purchase. Then a member of staff will help you out there! 

Having problems? Contact us at jailbreakprison@gmail.com



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